Ten Life Changing Questions

1) If you had complete faith in life and your future what would you do?
What message would faith say to you? What message would fear say to you?

2) What aspect of your Life is calling out to you right now and attracting your attention?
What message is that part of your life trying to tell you?

3) If you could reverse three situations or chronic habits in your life, what would they be?
How would you do it?

4) How could  you add more fun to what you’re doing today?

5) Whom do you fear contacting who could help you or improve your business? (Maybe this is just the person you need to contact?)

6) When you think about your current challenge, what is it you feel like you’re missing?
Is it a knowledge issue? Is there information you need that you don’t have?

Is it a skill issue? Are there skills you don’t have but need?

Is it a motivation issue? Do you lack the emotional energy to move forward?

Is it an environment issue? Is your current environment not supporting you?

7) Would you be willing to shift your focus from what’s wrong to what wants to be created in your current situation?

8) Does listening to your internal dialogue around this issue empower or disempower you?
Does taking this action toward your goal empower or disempower you?

9) Does your path belong to you? Are you chasing someone else’s path or what you only think you want?

10) What do you most need to learn in this situation?