Letting Your Story Unfold

There is an ancient eastern story. In it there was a boy who wanted a drum, but his mother couldn’t afford a drum, and so, sadly, she gave him a stick. Though he didn’t know what to do with it, he shuffled home and began to play with the stick. Just then he encountered an old woman trying to light a fire under her stone oven. The boy freely gave the lady his stick. She lights her fire, makes some bread, and in return she gives him half a loaf. of bread. Walking on, the boy comes upon a potter’s wife whose child is crying from hunger. The boy freely gave the her the bread he had. In gratitude, the lady gives him a pot. Though he doesn’t know what to do with it, he carries it along the river, where he sees a man and his wife quarreling because the wife broke there one pot. So the boy gave them his pot. In return they give him a coat. Since the boy isn’t cold, he carries the coat until he comes to a bridge, where a man is shivering. Riding to town on a horse, the man was attacked and robbed of everything but his horse. The boy freely gave him his coat. Humbled the man gives him his horse. Not knowing how to ride, the boy walks the horse into town, where he meets a wedding party with musicians. The bridegroom and his family are all sitting under a tree with long faces. According to custom, the bridegroom is to enter the procession on a horse, which hasn’t shown up. The boy freely gives them the horse. Relieved, the bridegroom asks what he can do for the boy. Seeing the drummer surrounded by all the drums, the boy asks for the smallest drum, which the musician gladly gives him.

Are you willing to stay open and let your story continue to unfold even though right now it doesn’t seem to be making sense and you're not sure where it's leading you?

Are you willing to stay open to a continual practice of giving and receiving which could open up the mystery of your circumstance?

Could you be open today to the possibility that the unexpected gift you might have received might not be for you?