Lacroix Boards FAQ

Below is a list 23 questions  I asked Alex from Lacroixboards about the board

1) How many charges can I expect from the batteries?

With the 20700 batteries, 500 cycles until they get 70% performance. 
With 18650 (30Q), it takes 200-300 cycles before the performance drops to 70%. 

2) What type of remote do you use?

We use the nanoV2. Small and reliable. If features 2 modes, one slow and one fast mode. The slow mode is good to start and get used to the board.  See here for a complete review of the remote.

3) Reading the review of the remote, they say you need to calibrate it every time because it doesn’t remember “Min or Max speed” is this what you do? And how do you do it?

Once you turn on the remote, you throttle to the max and brake to the max. Then you turn on the board, the remote will bind and that's it. So it's just doing max throttle and max brake when you turn on the remote. 

4) Can you tell me what the difference is between high and low speeds when set on the remote?

Low speed caps everything at 70%. Acceleration, top speed, braking, everything is at 70%. 

5) How often would I need to charge the remote?

Also, as a general rule, you should charge your remote every other ride. Once the light starts blinking on the remote you have less than a ride left and then... Dropoff. The remote will simply stop communicating with the board, no matter what you are doing. So never find yourself in that position and charge the remote often. 

6) How many charge cycles before I would need to replace the remote?

Not sure about the remotes. I've never read anything about it. Lithium ion batteries tend to have a slightly lower performance (70%) after 200-300 cycles so that should apply to the remote as well. I think it would take some time before the remote stopped holding a charge... 

We will sell the remotes on the website in a couple of weeks. 

7) Could you convert this to a “Street” version, if you wanted? 

No, the board we designed for 7 inch pneumatic wheels. With smaller wheels, you'd need risers or the enclosure would rub the ground under heavy carving. 

8) Where do I get the APP, that works with the board?

Go on the forum and look for @twan' s app. See herel
It's really nice and will provide speed, gps, average speed, distance, energy consumed and battery percentage. 

(It does not work with the Apple watch. It’s a beta App so you have to download Testflight to install and use it.)

9) Are there other Apps that would work with the board?

Any app will work. The board simply has a Bluetooth module in it. 
Look at any app relating to eskate or VESC and it will work. 

(I only found one other app in the app store that would work with the board, but it’s mainly for the boosted board and wouldn’t show battery percentage)

10) Is there anyway to know what your battery percentage is without the APP?

No, the only way to see what your battery percentage is, is through the APP. There is no battery percentage indicator on the board or the remote.

11) How much can you tweek the board through the App?

We use the focbox from exertion which means they are infinitely tweakable but honestly, we don't recommend you do. We recommend you try the board for a couple of weeks first and our clients are generally very happy with the default configuration options. Moreover, the board comes with a 16t pulley as well for less top speed (around 44kmh with 16T pulley) and more torque which means you have 4 mechanicals settings to try via the remote and the pulleys before attempting to change anything in the focbox, which you should only do of you really know what you are doing because it voids our warranty. 

12) Could you limit the top speed through the APP?

No, you can't do that with the app, but you can can reduce the top speed by using the 16T pulley and not the 20T pulley. Although truth be told, I ride the 20T pulley but I never go at max speed. In fact, my usual carving speed is between 20kmh and 35kmh and that speed is very easy to keep by using the remote. You have the power if you need it, but you certainly don't need to use it al the time. I don't. In fact, I prefer to carve a lot rather than go fast. With the Kaly, I had to go fast so the board would turn. We don't have that issue with the Lacroix. 

13) Do the belts work with both sets of drive gears or do you need different belts for the different pulley’s?

Same belts. You can slide the motors back and forth a couple of mm to compensate the size of the pulley. 

We supply an extra wheel with pulley with the board so it's easy to change a flat on the fly. We also provide 2 supplemental belts. We will sell them on the website in a couple of weeks if ever you need more.

As for the bearings, they are 6001-2RS and you can find them easily. We'll also sell them on the website in a couple of weeks. Same for drive pulley.

14) Why does the shipping seem so expensive at  $170. Most boards that you can buy from china cost $100 to ship. I guess I thought that Canada being my next door neighbor (I live in Chicago) shipping would be cheaper. Is it because the board is heavier? 
Yes, the board is heavier and we ship fully insured with DHL. Note that you don't pay any taxes and customs on the board though when you live in the USA. For now at least, it's duty free as an electric vehicle. 

15) On the wheels…My assumption is that there is only one color option, is that correct?

Yes, only black.
16) And where would I get other wheels,  if I wanted different colors or they wear out?

We will sell them on the website.

17) Do you rotate your tires? 

No. I treat them like consumables. Once one is worn, I change it. I never have 4 identically worn tires on my board. 

18) Do you find wear on the wheels cause vibration with uneven wear?

No, wear won't affect vibration. And vibration only happens at very high speed (45kmh+) and usually on wheels where the pulley is not 100% centered on the Hub. 

19) How often do you replace your tires?

Every 500km or so. 

20) How adjustable are the trucks?

Trucks are fully adjustable. You have 2 blocks per truck and each block (acting on toe-side and heel side) can be separately adjusted. It's really ease, you just need a metric allen key and you can turn a screw under each block which will compress it, hence rendering it stiffer. I recommend you do half turns and try it out until you have you preferred setting. I, for one, leave them on their slackest setting (but someone going 40-45kmh+ all the time might think it's a bit loose). 

21) Who actually makes the boards? Is it you and your brother or do you have a team.

I assemble the boards with my brother and a technician. 

22) Do you have any sort of return policy? 

No we can't do returns at the moment. We're still very small and can't take that risk. We would rather have less orders of clients that are sure they want our products than more orders of people who just want to try them out and see. 

23)  What warrantee do you offer on the board?

We offer a 90 days warranty on manufacturing errors. After that a 60 days free labor repair service (shipping not included). But we want you to ride, so after this period is over, we'll be happy to attempt to resolve with you any issue you may encounter in order to get you back on your board as fast as possible. Note, after 3000km of riding, besides changing consumables once a while (belts and tires), we have not encountered any serious issue that wasn't able to be addressed quickly. Reliability is very important to us. We chose trusted and tested parts for the whole internals of the board for this precise reason. 


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