What Clients Are Saying...

IMPORTANT: My clients value their privacy and so I have not included their full names with these testimonials. I can however connect you with any of my clients for a reference, if you feel that would help you in making your decision about coaching with me.

Whether you are trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, or you know what you want and need a little (or big) push to get you there, Graeme Franks can help you dig through the clutter of your life and function as your personal GPS to get you there!

Susan S

I came to Graeme seeking guidance on how I could pick up the pieces and put them back together when things fell apart at work. I found that he has a way of pulling things out of me that help me to focus on the overall picture and organize chaos. Though I may still have challenges and deal with chaos, Graeme has assisted me in building tools to be more confident about myself, the decisions I make how I handle situations.

Sarah P

Graeme helped me to take a leap of faith to move to Florida, without job. Thank you. It was incredible to think that we trusted God with this decision and were fully committed to leaving and only then did this job offer come through. Graeme your coaching really made the difference!

Tim J

What I love about Graeme’s coaching is that it’s solutions based. I always come away from my time with him knowing what I want to create, and the next steps to do just that. He has amazing clarity and insight and always seems to be able to “nail” what’s really going on under the surface of my life.

Mary T

With compassion and empathy, courage and love, he leads you through your life issues and brings you to new perspectives that are not only meaningful but are absolutely useable every day. He listens when he should listen and speaks when his direction is expected. And, he’s not afraid to get in your face when necessary. I’ve read over 50 books on human psychology, self help, achieving happiness and emotional intelligence—Graeme has helped to bring everything I’ve learned together into a useful, reliable understanding of who I am and the Being inside. Thank you, Graeme.

Dave A