How to Find a Door in a Wall

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Have you ever felt when moving towards your goal that you’ve come to a
brick wall?

You’ve run out of steps to take. You think, “Now what?”
This book is designed to help you discover your “door” within
a wall—your way out, over, under or through a problem or issue.

This book is for anyone who wants to look at their current situation from a different perspective and discover new options and ideas.
It is for anyone who is willing to try something different—someone who realizes you need to do things differently to get different results.

This book is for anyone who may be looking for:

  # one sentence
  # one concept
  # one picture 

to create a breakthrough in understanding or help discover
a new insight.

Everyone sees life slightly differently. Maybe one of the tools in this book will help change your perspective to a more empowering one.

What People are saying about the book...

"What is so extraordinary about How to Find a Door in a Wall is how easy and fun self empowerment can be. Franks writes with a playful taunting many that invites you into a longed for intimacy with yourself. Unlike a lot of books I've read about "how to live your dream", HFDW gives you an experience of how to move through your personal glitches. He accomplish this with a "I am in this with you' tone that makes you laugh but also gives you truly solid tools that actually WORK.
Definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who wants to play in their life and enjoy all of it."

"No one makes sweeping and lasting changes in large chunks. Changes come one step at a time. That's how this book works--offering practical guidance and exercises in small doses. The chapters in "How to Find a Door in the Wall" don't have to be done in order! I roamed around and found areas that applied to the things in my life I want to work on. Graeme is very serious about helping people with life coaching, and his approach offers a spoonful of sugar with the medicine that can help me bypass the mental blocks I have to making lasting changes."

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