Our Choice In Window Shades (for baby)


Five reasons we LOVE the Brica stretch-to-fit Sun Shade for the protection of our little Elliana from the sun.

1. Safety. We love the spring loaded suction cups which make for a really, really, really strong hold to the window. The only way you can get the shade off the window is to pull a little release tab on each suction cup, so we feel pretty safe that the shade isn't going to pop off
the window and become a flying projectile. 

2. It stretches-to-fit, both of our family car windows which are different sizes. It even has little clips that clip onto themselves if you have to reduce the size of one side which might leave you with an overlap of material.

3. It shades really well!

4. It's easy to pack away and transport if needed.

5. It's reasonably priced at $12.

We own two of these shades. We brought one on Amazon.com and the other at Babies R Us.

photo 2.JPG