Baby Car Mirror

 We LOVE being able to see what Elliana is up to  while driving!

We LOVE being able to see what Elliana is up to
while driving!

2. There are a number of ways to attach the mirror, so it works with both of our family cars.

3. It has a remote control that attaches to your car visor which can play music and turn on the light.

Screenshot 5:19:13 11:49 PM.png

Overall this is an excellent mirror. We brought our from Babies R Us for $21, though I got mine on sale for $16 (lucky me).

3 Reasons we chose the Brica Day and Night Light Musical Auto Mirror so we could see our baby while driving.

1. Safety. It's crash tested. It has a strap and a clip you can attached to the back of your back seat, which will stop the mirror from becoming a flying projectile in case of an accident. See picture below.

 Clip and strap you can attach to your back seat  for safety.

Clip and strap you can attach to your back seat
for safety.

We find the music great for calming Elliana down or distracting her if she becomes fussy on the ride. Side note: both my wife and I have this model of mirror, however mine plays really nice classical type music and my wife's mirror plays really cheesy music. Not sure why that is since we have the same model.

It even has a light! But I think it's pretty lame and weak. I find it hard to see Elliana's face during a night time drive. 

Our Choice In Window Shades (for baby)


Five reasons we LOVE the Brica stretch-to-fit Sun Shade for the protection of our little Elliana from the sun.

1. Safety. We love the spring loaded suction cups which make for a really, really, really strong hold to the window. The only way you can get the shade off the window is to pull a little release tab on each suction cup, so we feel pretty safe that the shade isn't going to pop off
the window and become a flying projectile. 

2. It stretches-to-fit, both of our family car windows which are different sizes. It even has little clips that clip onto themselves if you have to reduce the size of one side which might leave you with an overlap of material.

3. It shades really well!

4. It's easy to pack away and transport if needed.

5. It's reasonably priced at $12.

We own two of these shades. We brought one on and the other at Babies R Us.

photo 2.JPG

Behold the Power of Taggie


"What exactly is this?" is what we said when we received this little soft blanket at our baby shower. 
"Oh that's a Taggie" your baby is going to love it. It's soft and there are lots of little handles they will be able to hold onto, all around it."

How right they were.
Elliana LOVES this little blanket. She loves grabbing the little handles between her fingers and she loves the softness.

We take it everywhere with us, and it's a great little distraction tool when we are changing diapers, putting Elliana in the car seat, or taking her to a new environment  and she might become uncomfortable.


Balloons and Bells


    We brought Elliana a helium filled balloon this past Easter.  She instantly fell in love with it, of course it had Pooh bear on it, so who wouldn't fall in love with Pooh?,  then by accident,  she happened to kick the balloon string with her foot, which amused her even more! Then the light bulb went on... what if we gently tied the balloon  around her leg? She loved it! Literally hours of fun! Of course we alway supervise her to make sure nothing goes "crazy" with the string! You can do the same thing with leg bells too! Sometimes we put bells around one leg, and a balloon around the other :) You can see balloons and bells in action in the short video below .

Car Seat Improvement

Car Seat.png

   I got sick of trying to put our baby in her car seat, and at the same time try to keep the seat belts out of the way. So I brought some heavy duty Velcro and super glue (to add extra sticking power to the Velcro) and placed pieces on the seat belt clips and on various parts of the car seat so I had a couple of options as to ways to keep the seat belts out of the way. Magic! :)